Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Pit Bull in Philadelphia Needs Rescue


Philadelphia friends, please share this video. This is Deuce, an American Staffordshire Terrier. Deuce is a neutered female, 6-8 years old, NO papers.

Deuce had a rough early life as a breeder, and has scars on her face and legs. Her present owner rescued her about 4 years ago. Despite that she is very sweet and eager to please.

Her owner is ill and can't take care of her. He has been putting off going into assisted living rather than risk sending Deuce to the ASPCA. Most shelters euthanize any pit bull they get because pitties have a bad reputation.

Look at this sweet face!
Such a pretty face! on Twitpic

Please leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter if you know of a pit bull rescue in Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery Counties.

Update 6/25
Da lady did try to walk Deuce on a leash. Dat doggy was a little hesitant but after a couple of minutes she did walk along.
Da lady tried to teach Deuce "touch" to touch the lady's hand wif her nose on command. Dat doggy did pick it up in just a few minutes. She will see if Deuce remembers the command next time she over der. Da lady think maybe Deuce very trainable since she a cat person and don't know much about dem doggies.

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