Friday, June 19, 2015

Air Guitar Set, and #Nipclub Needs Your Ideas

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Purrr Last night's #nipclub had no theme. Dey sure needs our help to think up new and most pawsum pawty themes. Read about it in "Help #NipClub Choose Future Themes Pawty June 18th, 2015"

I reconstructed my old "bestiful guitars" playlist on Youtube. It kind of nice drinking beer wif my pals and listening to (mostly) classic rock. I hads lots of fun playing air guitar to any song wif kickass guitar solos.

Some of my bestiful pals were there too. @CinniMini2, @‏GeorgeTheDuck, @kconlon1, @‏lucky_GSD, @‏RustytheKitty, @‏TheNascarKitty, @TiggyBean, and ‏TinyPearlCat among others.

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