Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OMC! Rabies

Remember the Disney's "Old Yeller" where da dog get da hydrophobie from a wolf?
Although it is a vaccine-preventable disease, rabies still poses a significant public health problem in many countries in Asia and Africa where 95% of human deaths occur even though safe, effective vaccines for both human and veterinary use exist.
-- World Health Organization » Health topics » Rabies

In poor countries vaccination, testing and treatment are out of reach. Sometimes rabies isn't even reported. It's deadly, why bother? Half of dems is children - cuz children pet strange dogs. How terrible for da mamas!

Teach da children not to approach strange animals, not even friendly ones! Teach da children to tell you if dey bitten even if it a tiny nip. If you finds a bat in your room go gets shots because bat teef sharp and bites invisible! Prevention better dan treatment and far better dan getting da hydrophobie!

The Milwaukee Protocol used in da U.S. helps victims survive, but dey nerves is chewed up and dey needs rehab.

When a hooman is bitten the v-e-t test da biter. Oh oh oh It awful! Dey can cuts off dat biter's head. Be sure to vaccinate us pets.

Dey's a new test dat can diagnose human rabies from da skin. No more zombie brain soon!
Biological diagnostic methods for confirmation of rabies remain limited, because testing on postmortem cerebral samples is the reference method, and in many countries, sampling brain tissue is rarely practiced. There is a need for a reliable method based on a simple collection of nonneural specimens.
-- Dacheux, Laurent et al. A Reliable Diagnosis of Human Rabies Based on Analysis of Skin Biopsy Specimens. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2008; 47:1410–7

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