Thursday, January 5, 2012

I heart Petiethecat!

@SeattleP @GeorgeTheDuck @flicka47 Purrrr George made dis pawsum shirt for me on Twitpic
Purrrr @GeorgeTheDuck made dis pawsum shirt for me!

My dear furend Share photos on twitter with Twitpic@Petiethecat did get sick again, but da v-e-t pulled him through. Petie has diabetes and his kidneys is failing. There are great treatments for it now that can extend kittehs lives and keep us comfortable and happy. Lots of anipals are sitting on #PetiesPorch sending #HealingPaw.

Purrr... da @sisfurcats are mature pfbbt! and gets an extra level of vet care. Mature means over 10 years. Dey gets a senior workup every year which includes blood work in hopes of discovering subclinical health problems, like Chilipepper's hyperthyroidism. In dis part of da world it costs about $250. Chilipepper will be "geriatric" like my furend Petie next year so she will get extra vet visits.

Rather than continue to expound on veterinary care I'd like to share an article on the American Animal Hospital Association web page.

AAFP/AAHA Feline Life Stage Guidelines
In 2006, owners took their dogs to veterinarians more than twice as often as cats, averaging 2.3 times/year, compared with 1.1 times/year for cats, and significantly more dogs (58%) than cats (28%) were seen by a veterinarian one or more times/year. Cat owners often express a belief that cats 'do not need medical care'. Two reasons for this misconception are that signs of illness are often difficult to detect, and cats are perceived to be self-sufficient.


  1. You know, my little girl cat is gone to the Bridge now (Admiral Hestorb) BUT: it irks me to the ends of the, it makes me mad that cats are seen just the way you said not needing care and self sufficient. Just because they don't leap up and bark constantly..then they must be OK. I could...but won't...go on and on.

    Mom Carole

  2. I'm hanging with Carole on this one. she said it all. My peeps have always been faithful with each of their kitties to get them checked over once a year.

  3. Purrrr Da vet told us dat kittehs are Stoic. As predators we don't like to let anyone know when we are off our game.