Friday, May 14, 2010

Pimp My Cat

#nipclub @flacatlady @thenascarkitty @maggietkat He's a Fly Cat! on Twitpic

Concatulations to @flacatlady on a Very Successful #nipclub Grand Opening. She, @MaggieTKat and @TheNascarKitty did frow a great pawty on Thurday. I think dey making it a weekly event... will update this when I know.

Da #nipclub was to benefit Lanie's Animals in Crisis in Philadelphia, PA. If you attended and didn't tip yet, please drop a dollar or two in the jar?

I did DJ twice, and I had to bully da lady to get her to type for me cuz SHE thought it was more important to cook dinner for da hairy man. It not like he can't cook!

First set was energetic to give mai pals da zoomies!
Play dat Funky Music white cat! ♫ Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music (White Boy)
dat @Flacatlady a brick.... howwwwwwse! ♫ Commodores - Brick House
I a fly cat! ♫ I\'m Gonna Git You Sucka: He is a Fly Guy
Funky town! ♫ Lipps INC- Funky Town
I want to be wicked! ♫ M - Les triplettes de Belleville
danse danse danse dansin' fool! ♫ Frank Zappa - Dancin Fool
@MaggieTKat What you gonna do in dem shoes? ♫ Eagles - Those Shoes

Second set was to wind down the #nipclub, but first I had to get some noms.
Harapeko neko neko - da kittehboi is hungry. Where da Barktender? ♫ 共同制作アニメ - 『はらぺこねこねこ』 - Hungry cats

Kick off those flash records and play some mellow stuff! ♫ Tom Waits - In Shades
Play me some of dem down home blues! ♫ ZZ Hill - Down Home Blues
I believe My baby got a black cat bone. *gulp* ♫ Johnny Copeland , Albert Collins , Robert Cray / Black Cat Bone
Hey lady, your husband is cheatin' on us! ♫ your husband is cheatin\' on us - DENISE LASALLE
Mr. Backlash you raise my taxes freeze my wages send my son to Afghanistan! ♫ Nina Simone - Backlash Blues - [1969] - Nuff Said.
A bit of da Divine One ♫ Sarah Vaughan - Summertime
Down by the river, a place to seeeeeeee ♫ Feels like rain - Bonnie Raitt and Buddy Guy
I spoke to da river and da river spoke back to me ♫ Clarence Gatemouth Brown - River\'s Invitation
a slow one from da Queen of Soul! ♫ Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)
Good night, anipals, "you'd better go now" ♫ Billie Holiday - You\'d Better Go Now


  1. It was a wonderful pawty. Love dat picture of Pimp on the top of dis page.

  2. Wowza Iz sorry I missed it espeshully nao that I see your kewl threads mankat.