Webby Tools

Dis websites and tools I use to help me wif dis bloggy. I hope dey helps you too.

Haz a favrit not listed here? Leave a comment so I can add it!

Share pictures and videos
  • MobyPicture
    Share photos, video, audio and screenshots straight from your desktop or from Android app, iPhone / iPad app, or by sending an email containing your photo to your personal Mobypicture address. Supports taking pictures using your webcam.
    CONS: Doesn't support animated gifs!
  • Twitpic
    TwitPic lets you share media on Twitter in real-time.
    As of October 25, 2014 Twitpic will no longer be taking on new photos or data (the site will be in a read-only mode). Note that although the site is up, photo embeds on this blog are failing intermittently. I am switching to MobyPicture.
  • imageshack
    Imageshack took over yfrog.
    CONs: The free version does NOT allow you to embed photos.
  • Google Photos
    Picasa is gone. Use Photos. Fast and easy photo sharing from Google. Blogger saves your photos here.
    CONS: There is no short photo address.
  • flickr
    Share your life in photos
  • YouTube
    Broadcast yourself.
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Image Manipulation
Dis tools to help you make pixchurs for bloggies, avatars, etc.
Cool text effects
Advanced Tools

Bloggies & Innerwebs
  • Google Feedburner is simply a free online service created by Google that allows you to automatically send email updates from your blog. Updates are sent via RSS feed reader or through email. Feedburner provides you with customized tools to promote your feed.
  • dlvr.it provides bloggers, publishers and brands a way to instantly syndicate content and expand their reach on the social web and into new channels. The included tools make it easy to manage and measure the flow of your content everywhere your audience is.
  • IFTTT helps you connect all of your different apps and devices. When you sign up for a free account, you can turn on Applets that help your apps and devices work together to do specific things they couldn't do otherwise.
  • Online Broken Link Checker
    Scans webpages for dead hyperlinks.
  • Blogger Code Converter
    Create your Blogger widget in seconds.
  • W3schools HTML Tutorial
    With HTML you can create your own Web site. This tutorial teaches you everything about HTML.
  • HTML Code converter
    Encode and decode a piece of text to its HTML equivalent.
  • Pollcode.com
    Create free polls - Instant, easy, no signing up.
  • Poll-maker.com
    Create your free and unlimited poll.
  • Citation Machine
    Generates citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard.
  • RANDOM.ORG True random numbers to anyone on the Internet.
  • iFrame Code Generator - Free Online iFrame Code Maker Too
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Geek Tools
Single-use Links
  • One Time Secret
    Create a secret link that only works once and then disappears forever.
  • "One Time"
    One Time Self Destructing Links For Sharing Sensitive Information.
  • "One Time"
    One Time Self Destructing Links For Sharing Sensitive Information.
  • Securesha.re
    Self-destructing, single-use file sharing. No logging. Even we can't access your data.
  • Singleuse.link
    We help keep sensitive info out of your email and chat logs.
    Need to send some data securely? Password? Love Note? Haiku? This is the place.
Affiliate Programs
Author Resources
  • Rhyme Zone
    Find rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more!.
  • CreateSpace, Amazon
    Easily access tools, quality printing, booksellers, eBook distribution, and marketing strategies.
  • iUniverse
    Self publish your book with help from industry-leading insiders.
  • Smashwords
    The fastest and easiest option for distributing an ebook to the world's largest ebook retailers.
  • lulu
    Bring your book to life.
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Code tools

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