Twitter Tools

Dear twitter furends, here some apps to help you use twitter.

Haz a favrit not listed here? Leave a comment so I can add it!

Twitter Tools
  • Managing Tweets
    • HootSuite
      Update multiple networks in one step, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and
    • TweetGrid
      Create a Twitter Search Dashboard that updates in real time.

      Temporarily off-line.
    • TwitLonger
      The easy way to share long messages to Twitter..
    • twuffer
      OMG, it's a Twitter™ buffer!
      Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release.
    • Twitlan: Delete Multiple Tweets
      Sign in to select and delete Multiple Tweets.
    • tweetdelete
      A free service from MEMSET®. Runs automatically every few days.Automatically delete tweets that are more than a certain time old. Delete all existing tweets before activating this schedule.
    • TweetEraser
      Keep your time-line clean. TweetEraser is a simple web based tool, designed to help you filter and delete your bulk Tweets on an easy way.
    • TwitWipe
      New direction? Change of heart? Start from the top? Boss following you? Whatever the reason, TwitWipe deletes all your tweets in one go!
    • Twitter Archive Eraser
      Delete your oldest tweets, favorites and DMs in one click!
  • Managing followers
    • Your Twitter Karma
      A simple mashup that implements page navigation on followers / following list and sort functionality by type (reciprocated or not).
      Who's not following you back on Twitter? Who are you not following back? Who are your mutual friends? Find out!

      Twitter api issues. Now Tumblr and Pinterest only.
    • TweepDiff
      Compare Twitter friends and followers
    • qwitter
      Sends you a summary email at least once a day informing you of those who have stopped following you on Twitter!
    • Twitcleaner
      Clean your TweetStream.

      Killed by new twitter API.
    • Twitblock
      Looks for common signs of junk accounts.
    • Blocked By Me
      shows the users you have blocked on twitter.
    • Followerwonk Twitter Analytics:
      Find, Analyze, and Optimize for Social Growth.
      1. Followerwonk » Search Twitter bios
        Who are you looking for? Whether it's new talent, customers, or just friends, we help find whom you're after.
      2. Followerwonk » Compare Users
        Compare your social graph to competitors, friends, or industry leaders.
      3. Followerwonk » Analyze Followers
        Slice any Twitter user's followers into actionable segments. Find most influential, dormant, old, and more.
      4. Followerwonk » Track Followers
        Need precise statistics about who has followed you or a competitor? Here, we track every change to your social graph, and present interactive charts that allow you to explore changes to your followers and follows.
      5. Followerwonk » Sort Followers
        Here you can sort all of your Twitter follows & followers by name, days on Twitter, tweet count, and more. We record every new relationship you form, and let you quickly explore those relationships in spreadsheet-like fashion.
    • Twiangulate
    • Charting Twitter's hidden neworks
      1. Twiangulate » Followed by:
        Friends you share
      2. Twiangulate » Followers of:
        Followers you share
      3. Twiangulate » Reach of:
        Your most influential followers.
      4. Twiangulate » Keywords:
        Keywords used by friends of your friend.
  • Analytics
    • tweetstats
      In ur Tweets, Graphin' Your Stats!
    • tffRatio
      Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio
    • Klout
      Tracks the impact of your opinions, links and recommendations across your social graph.
      Gather Twitter analytics from any profile – in seconds!
    • tweetvalue
      How much is your twitter profile worth?
    • Twitter Audit
      Find out how many followers are real.
      Pro version coming soon: Audit any account, Hide your audit, Block fake followers, Re-audit at any time.
  • Other Twitter
    • The Shorty Awards
      The best producers of real-time, short form content on Twitter
    • Vite
      Social Media Event Manager
    • tweetvite
      Find and create events on Twitter.

Share pictures and videos
Share music and music videos
    The world’s largest online music catalogue, powered by your scrobbles.
  • YouTube
    Broadcast yourself.
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