Monday, March 26, 2012

Remembering Petiethecat

Remembering @PetieTheCat.

Purrrr @GeorgeTheDuck did make me dis shirt.

Oh purrrr we did lose our good furend @PetieTheCat last night.  He has fought his illnesses bravely for a long long time, but dey did gets da better of him. He died in his mama's arms.

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Petie was one of my first twitter furends and it just won't be the same without him. I am sooo sad.

I want to share some of the good times we've had together.

December 2009
Celebrating Petie's birfday at #petiepawty. I tinks @Georgetheduck made da hats!
@petiethecat Happy Birthday! #petiepawty

April 2010
Petie and I taked over a UFO at #Area51 pawty,
#area51 @petiethecat is gonna help me take over da UFO!

April 2010
Petie's porch. Photo is by @Chattemuse by way of @danapixie
We are all sitting quietly on @Petiethecat porch. @no_crybaby... on Twitpic

May 2010
Petie shakin his maracas at #chilipawty. Pixchur by @GeorgetheDuck

September 2010
Lots of anipals spent da day at #lakewithpetie. Petie and his dear wifey Pandafur are at front and center.
Update: Mouseover to see names!
lakewithpetie anipalspetiethecatpandafurbrian106sctabbyteztweetsparkerskatbunnyjeancooklilyluwhotcheshirekmeow_girlsfreshotismorriscathemmingwayscatrassieboililly_the_tortiecokiethecatleopussmansantinakittehjinjindoggypixeldoggytinypearlcatmaggietkatduchesscrabtreesanjeethecattikka_2georgetheducktigerboythecatpepismartdogcagneythecatdanapixieno_crybaby_dogsmariodacatpumpkinpuddypantherqueenchloetobykittehboimarshallsheldonbatiking50Call Me The Breeze#lakewithpetieBreeze's favritsOver The Rainbow BridgeSummer at the Lake with Petie  Eight Foot Falls, Manitoba, Canada 2010 Edited by Pumpkinpuddypetiethecat | pandafur | brian106sc | tabbyteztweets | parkerskat | bunnyjeancook | lilyluwhot | cheshirek | meow_girls | freshotis | morriscat | hemmingwayscat | rassieboi | lilly_the_tortie | cokiethecat | leopussman | santinakitteh | jinjindoggy | pixeldoggy | tinypearlcat | maggietkat | duchesscrabtree | sanjeethecat | tikka_2 | georgetheduck | tigerboythecat | pepismartdog | cagneythecat | danapixie | no_crybaby_dogs | mariodacat | pumpkinpuddy | pantherqueen | chloetoby | kittehboi | marshallsheldon | momWanda | Image Map

Don't forget @Pumpkinpuddy's picture book, "Summer at the Lake with Petie".

November 2010
@morriscat, @kittehboi and @petiethecat entertaining da ladies at #atpawty.
#atpawty Dat @sisfurcats Bugs Bunny did take a pixchur of @pe... on Twitpic

November 2010
@petiethecat and @pandafur at poolside #pppawty. Check out @georgetheduck's speedos!
@petiethecat @pandafur Purrrr Nov 2010 poolside. @georgethedu... on Twitpic




  1. OOh Mr. Breeze, what a wonderful tribute. We were so sad to read about Petie today, but now he's free of pain and playing with his pals OTRB. We'll always love Petie.

  2. They iz so many grate an happy times wiv all us anipals togethers. Petie wuz so happy with all hiz furrends. Thanks you fur sharing this luvly tribyoot.

    1. Purrrr You're most welcome. I loved Petie lots. I'm glad he's out of pain.

  3. What a wonderful tribute pal. We used to have so much fun together. Sure an going to miss that guy!

  4. Thank you for posting all these wonderful pics of Petie and all the anipals who love him.


  5. Thanks so much for this great blog entry about our dear Petie! Made my heart feel better to see the great pics of Petie & all the fun things we've done with him! Will love you forever & a day Petie! ((HUGS))

  6. Momma had much leaky eyes when she heard about Petie leaving us. She saw his momma has a beautiful angel Petie av on her twitter today. I'm so sorry dat he had so much pain and sickness. He is now free and now hiz momma iz hurting. Much purrs, hugs and prayers to all who are hurting wif the loss of such a sweet furend.

  7. oh and fank you purry much Breeze, dis iz a bootiful tribyoot to such a sweet furend. (sorry momma didn't stick this all in one post)

    1. Purrrr I haz to stop myself from making multiple posts as new ideas slowly bubble to the top. MOL!!!

  8. Thank you Mr. Breeze for this lovely tribute to Petie. Petie was loved by all including me & mom. Petie lives on in our hearts & with everyone sharing fond memories is something I shall always treasure.

  9. Wonderpurr tribute to Petie. I agree wif Shorty. I will always treasure my memories of hims.