Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Review of Plague Rat Cat Toy

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A treat for your cat! Our Plague Rats are handmade by Sally Pointer from natural linen, wool and leather. Stuffed with her tried and tested blend of top quality catnip herb and coarsely chopped valerian root, your cat will be delighted to protect you and your loved ones from this fearsome beastie. ...

Bring out your ratsies!

By Mr. Breeze from Philadelphia, PA on 1/10/2012


4out of 5

Pros: Cat Likes It, Whimsical, Valerian, Safe, Fun

Cons: Strong smell

Best Uses: Special treat, Active Cats, Older Cats, Special Playtime, House Cats

Describe Yourself: Long-time Pet Owner

Plague rats are a whimsical catnip and valerian cat toy that cats love.

Valerian creates a more mellow playtime than catnip alone, and cats seem to prefer it. However, the Plague Rat has a strong odor that some humans don't like. We store our ratsies in the freezer when we aren't playing with them.

The cover is a rough-textured cloth that the cats love, but it doesn't stand up very well.

All that being said, we always have at least one Plague Rat in the house. We bring it out when we have visitors, particularly if they are history buffs, Monty Python fans, or CDC employees.

Chewing on my Plague Rat

I'm chewing the ears off my Plague Rat on Twitpic

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