Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Norty Cougar CathyKeisha

14" training collar. Is this for cats? on Twitpic

PetCo do have some absolutely hideous things they call training collars. Dem collars are made of chain wif spikes on da inside to poke the doggy's neck when the leash is pulled. Dey haz 14" training collars that must be for controlling vicious toy poodles. Or Bad Cats.
14" training collar. Is this for cats?
OK, who's into S&M here? Kittehboi?

Norty Norty!

As if dat wuzn't norty enough, when I told her she won she said, "@kittehboi Whoa! Score! *cracks her CAT-o-nine tails* Thanx Breeze." NORTY NORTY!!

I have to comment here dat da only reason for a collar like dis is to make a doggy mean. By offering this collar PetCo is implicitly condoning dog fighting.


  1. I don't believe in training collars. there are so many ways to train a dog or cat... positive reinforcement is the way.