Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chickfest Pawpawty

I did DJ at @FrugalDougal's Chickfest #pawpawty today. It was to benefit Forever Home Feline Ranch. Please Donate at FirstGiving.

Update: Initially I incorrectly listed Pets Without Parents as the charity. Apologies for the mixup.

Congratulations to Mr. Honeybell on winning my special surprise pwize, an avatar for an upcoming #pawpawty. Mr. Honeybell has the best twitter name EVER, @Wildboutbirds.

Dis my playlist.

Barktender can I have One *Nip* Julep ♫ Quincy Jones – One Mint Julep (feat. Ray Charles)
@sydpie @MaggieTKat @flicka47 @sadlovelyheart @MizzBassie *croooooon* dat's why da cougar is a tramp!♫ The Lady is a Tramp – Frank Sinatra
For all the sad ladies... Cry me a river! ♫ Julie London in The Girl Can't Help It ("Cry Me A River")
THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA when she passes each one she passes goes "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" ♫ Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz: THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA – 1964
@mattiedog Whatever Lola Wants! ♫ Whatever Lola wants Lola gets de Sarah Vaughan
Summertime - fish are jumpin' ♫ Big mama thornton -Summertime – Solo play record
for all my birdie furends. ♫ URGE FOR GOING - Joni Mitchell – performed by Tom Rush
MR. BREEZE in da house!! sashay jazzbox strut strut spin jump SPLIT BOOGIE DOWN!!!!!!!! ♫ Lynyrd Skynyrd – Call Me the Breeze (live '75) Whoooooooo hoooooo MR.BREEZE
*shoots bourbon* Mighty rad gumbo! ♫ Little Feet "Rad Gumbo"
'Nip road! ♫ Edgar Winter – Tobacco Road
gonna change it up now dat a 'nip is kicking in, and it a TRIPPY video... Bollywood dance! ♫ Trippy Indian Music Video from Sita Sings The Blues
My head's in nippnippnippi! ♫ Z.Z. Top Jam - My Head's in Mississippi
What's that smells like fish mama? ♫ 'What's That Smells Like Fish' BLIND BOY FULLER (1938) Ragtime Blues Guitar Legend
Panama limited Tom Rush - the obligatory train song. ♫ PANAMA LIMITED - Bukka White - performed by Tom Rush
keepin dem bampire kittehs away! ♫ Green Onions – Booker T. & The MG's
DANCE do da bony mony ♫ Wilson Pickett – Land of 1000 Dances
Chain of Anipals... *grooves to da Queen of Soul* ♫ Aretha Franklin – Chain Of Fools
Da paws are made for walkin ♫ These Boots Are Made For Walking radio version – Nancy Sinatra
Every girl crazy bout a sharp-dressed cat! ♫ "Sharp Dressed Man" – ZZ Top LIVE
Black cats, black cats, I ain't nothin' but a real cool breeze!"" ♫ Sparkletones BLACK SLACKS

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  1. Thanks for publishing your play list friend. I I like your kind of music.