Friday, May 1, 2015

#chilipawty Grooveshark is Gone! #nipclub

OMFC! Grooveshark has closed!

If you're like me you had special themed playlists that you lovingly put together for #nipclub, #scifipawty, #chilipawty and #panfurpawty to name a few.

Many my furiends use grooveshark too. We are scrambling to find alternates.

Youtube is ok but who wants to watch videos during a pawty? There's but you can only have one playlist and blip doesn't know how to tweet anymore so you have to cut-and-paste. gone. Pandora lets you play genres, but you can't pick individual songs.

Spotify looks promising. The premium price is the same as Grooveshark.

Sign up for Spotify and create a #chilipawty playlist. Looks like a viable alternative.

Update 5/2: I used twitter advanced search to find my music tweets from last year's #chilipawty. Pain in the tail but what are my alternatives? Last year's #chilipawty search results were useful but I had added a BUNCH of new music to the playlist and those tunes are gone!

Here's the tool to make this cool website Spotify Play Button.


  1. I had 100 playlists I’m never gonna get back. Hiss I’m thinking Rdio but don’t know enough about them. I don’t pay to play.

  2. I know!

    I signed up for the free version of Spotify and created the playlist above to make sure it did what I want. I used twitter advanced search to find my music tweets from last year's #chilipawty. Ooo, will add that to the posty!

    Except I had added a BUNCH of new music to #chilipawty playlist and I don't how to.... Oh, I know, my browser cache! Hope I haven't cleaned it since then.

    As for pay-to-play... they are having a special, $1 a month for 3 months to remove the ads that obscure your search results. I haven't signed up yet.

    Think of it as a multiplier. You could donate the $10 or you can use the $10 to induce your listeners to donate.

    Just the same, if somebody comes up with a better alternative, I'd like to hear about it.

  3. Don't you have to download spotify (or the music from it) to hear it for free? I threw the thing out years ago because of that, but it may have changed. It's not a matter of how I (And George) hear the music really, but what the listeners have to do to hear the music.


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