I Likez

Dis products I likez or dat maked me laff. Some are for pets and others are for da hoomans. Enjoy!

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets
Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets make sour things sweet. Lemons taste like lemonade, limes taste spicy, and oranges taste like the Food of the Gods. Buy a packet and taste trip with your friends.

Healthful Cat Sprinkles

1 cup nutritional yeast (brewer's yeast is ok and has more chromium.)
1/2 cup lecithin granules
2 TBS kelp powder (alfalfa powder is ok but less iodine.)
2 TBS bone meal powder - nutritional, NOT garden!
2 TBS ground flaxseed
1 tsp Taurine powder
1/8 tsp vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid)

Makes about 80 servings

Da lady sprinkles 1 tsp per day on our wet food.
When we get a goggie he will get 1 tsp per day per 15 lb body weight. He won't need taurine but it won't hurt him to share ours.

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