Saturday, May 29, 2010

#Nipclub May 20, 2010

#nipclub jazz boi on Twitpic
#nipclub jazz boi

#nipclub hey there hep cats and hot dogs! Here's a little Miles and Train to get it started. ♫ So What – John Coltrane and Miles Davis

#nipclub Hey lady, your husband is cheatin' on us! ♫ Your Husband Is Cheatin' On Us – DENISE LASALLE

#nipclub Nina Simone does a tribute to Langston Hughes. Backlash Blues. ♫ Nina Simone Live At Montreux 1976 – Backlash Blues. You raise my taxes freeze my wages send my son to Afghanistan!

#nipclub Tip da barktender and DJ - THX! Animals in Crisis
AIC out of business.

@PushUpsnPaws #nipclub I'm Playin' some of dem down home blues! ♫ ZZ Hill – Down Home Blues. My old man gonna want to fight because of da hour I'll be getting in tonight! Get your head bad!!!

#nipclub @flacatlady Let me feel those fishnet hose! ♫ Slim Harpo – Tip On In, Part 1 1967. @brutusthedane @AskBrutus @BaronVonOdem Let your fur down, we ain't goin' to heaven nohow!

#nipclub Dis for da DJs @GeorgeTheDuck @TheNascarKitty @BunnyJeanCook ♫ Zoot Suit soundtrack – Marijuana Boogie
@indykitty #nipclub it's 'nip boogie time! ♫ I got a woman named Juana!

#nipclub I believe dat norty cougar got a black cat bone. ♫ Johnny Copeland , Albert Collins , Robert Cray / Black Cat Bone Play it, Albert!

#nipclub Put on your zoot suit! ♫ Zoot Suit soundtrack – Put On A Zoot Suit You better get hep tonight! *step step jazzbox spin SPLIT!! *

@BaronVonOdem @katieboocat #nipclub Jes' chillaxing In Shades ♫ Tom Waits – In Shades

#nipclub @BrewskieButt @HOOTeCAT @AbbyDaTabby @Petiethecat BIRDLAND! ♫ Birdland – Weather Report (1977)

#nipclub @BrewskieButt @BaronVonOdem It's high time! ♫ Hard To Find : If You're A Viper#nipclub sssssssssss If you're a viper!

PLZ tip da DJ Animals in Crisis

#nipclub A bit of da Divine One... Summertime. ♫ Sarah Vaughan – Summertime

#nipclub for all you good people who are still hanging out... A QUIZ, first to DM wins an avatar for #pawpawty this weekend.
#nipclub y'all ready? What is my theme song? First DM wins an avatar for #pawpawty.

#nipclub I've got nuts for sale! ♫ Chick Willis – Nuts For Sale (hot nuts)

#nipclub Summertime and da livin' is easy ♫ Big Mama Thornton Summertime -Mercury

@BaronVonOdem will be roasting a big BACON for #pawpawty! on Twitpic

#nipclub Congrats to @BaronVonOdem for giving the correct answer. My theme song is "Call Me the Breeze" ♫ Call Me the Breeze And dis boi has to let da lady get to bed.
#nipclub WOOOOOOOO OOOOHOOOHOOO Mr. Breeze! Night all!

#nipclub night all. party on!

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  1. it's always a good time at the #nipclub. Thanks for posting the tunes.