Sunday, December 6, 2009


#mummypawty I a Ejipshun godcat. Dem birdies worshipz me!

I wanted to share dis conversation I had wif a Queen on Twitter. Da lady got a huge kick out of it.
Me: History is fun. And I am quite mad.
Mary Queen of Scots: Yes, history is fun. I suppose you can trace your pedigree back to Caesers [sic] pet kitty? Marie R.
Me: I was a stray and da typist doesn't know my pedigree. I believe I am descended from Bast herself.
Mary Queen of Scots: Isn’t Bast some sort of Egyptian Pagan Goddess? Marie R.
Me: Yes, Bast is a goddess. I take it you are a heathen?
Mary Queen of Scots: No, I am not a Heathen! I am a good Christian woman! Marie R.
Me: To followers of Bast, you are a heathen. purrrrrrrrrrr
Anne Boleyn: I regret having ever introduced you to that person of ill-repute @TheQueenofScots

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